At SlotsCalendar, we pride ourselves on our commitment to creating extensive and all-encompassing reviews that you, our reader, can rely upon whenever you turn to us for guidance. Whether it’s for games, casinos, or strategic guidance, we strive to attract you and your fellow gamblers with comprehensive and qualitative evaluations.

Each duly crafted review in our repertoire rests upon a mission of ensuring that our website provides information as completely and dedicatedly as one can possibly do. To showcase our desire to follow the principles of transparency without compromise, allow us to introduce you to our evaluation process and what the genesis of each review looks like.

To ensure that we follow a uniform set of guidelines that makes our reviews fair, genuine, and consistent in our methodological approach, we drafted and devised a process that we impose upon ourselves without fail.

Our desired result is to give you the necessary reassurance that you will always enjoy objective and honest expert opinions about each gambling platform.

A Look at Our Goals and How We Achieve Them

SlotsCalendar’s attitude is always player-centric, and we plan to back this up with each sentence uttered on our site. Our allies in doing so are the principles of accessibility, accuracy of showcased information, and a transparent approach to our content. The basis of this attitude rests on the guidelines we’ve dutifully implemented, regardless of business interests.

Those who do these reviews are none other than the personnel who have been invested with the authority to make such evaluations: SlotsCalendar professionally-trained experts! Our in-house team believes and stands by its integrity and its capacity to review objectively, thus providing you with genuine and impartial analysis.

We understand that you may want more than reassurances, as earnest as they may be – which is why we want to win your confidence with even more transparency. Apart from our methodological rigors, we also keep in tune with the expansion of the industry as part of our continued effort to provide accurate data for our readers.

SlotsCalendar came to be thanks to a fantastic idea whose main purpose was to turn this site into the premier platform for your online slot needs. Born in the guise of being the IMDb’s equivalent in the online gambling landscape, our site (and the experts behind it) operates with genuine diligence at heart.

Since our vision has various objectives that we want to achieve, one of the most essential is to keep you, our customer, satisfied. SlotsCalendar’s means of doing so include numerous features with the sole purpose of bettering your experience on our platform, this offering including the likes of:

  • Over 20,000 online slots and their free, play-for-fun variants, offers for real money play, and expertly crafted reviews!
  • Top casino brands are listed and diligently evaluated via diligent reviewing.
  • Best bonuses that speak to all player categories, new or otherwise.
  • Giveaways with appealing rewards that aim to incentivize loyalty to our platform.
  • The concept of Social Tournaments, whose main purpose is to allow you to play slots for free and win excellent rewards!
  • Hundreds of blog post articles with genuine, informative value.
  • News and exclusive interviews about the industry

What Our Purpose Looks Like

We are operating with the ambition of cementing ourselves as the ideal of transparency and excellence when it comes to reviews of casino websites, all while being truly player-centric. The ultimate goal is to go beyond any benchmark that the internet has seen before us, and we will detail how we aim to achieve our ambitions.

Our evaluation procedure gravitates around a scoring system whose unique aim is to cater to you, the user of that casino. We provide a set of criteria that you can consider during your casino selection process, thus employing various factors.

This scoring system enumerates multiple categories of a casino’s operations, including the safety aspect, game library, and bonus offering. The system tries to balance out the pros and cons at the end of each review, giving a verdict you can guide upon.

Objectivity in both data gathering and reviewing methods takes the place of subjective thinking when reviewing casinos, thus setting us apart and boosting our quality through impartiality.

This is part of our continuous and unrelenting commitment to providing a revolutionary approach to the affiliate industry, using honesty and transparency as the guiding light for players like you who want to encounter the best possible offers in genuinely impressive online casinos.

As a player, you benefit the most from this scenario since even the less flattering casinos will gain a motivation boost to increase their operative level and provide a better experience in order to compete. Once again, our aim is to help the industry get better and provide a complete level of fairness, so join us in our quest!

Under the Sign of an Expert Team

The people behind these reviews are our editorial staff, the folk from our content team, whose diligent and expert craft means that they examine every product and service before it reaches SlotsCalendar.

But, thanks to their versatility and broad scope of knowledge, the editorial team also branches out into multiple content categories, among which are the blog posts mentioned earlier, custom guides, and comparison articles – all of which are exclusive content to our platform!

The process followed by our editors allows them to gain as much expertise as possible in the specific field they engage in, making use of industry news, employing a research methodology, and checking out what their fellow users have to say.

Since impartiality is one of our foremost aims, the content team behind these reviews has always worked autonomously from the business side, setting aside any business partnerships our company may have with the owners of the products we review. Our trust in our experts and their integrity allows them to reach whichever verdict they see fit.

The player-centric attitude also corresponds with our editorial staff’s independence from the feedback of the companies whose products we review, however much we appreciate that opinion and engagement.

Therefore, every opinion works on the basis of the personal, first-hand experience of our staff – the people behind the products our team reviews have no say in how our experts perceive their creations.

Apart from objectivity and transparency, we also value efficiency, and our experts receive guidance from a leading figure with the credentials to match.

Leadership roles in B2C and B2B operations comprise the impressive resume of Viorel Stan, one that stretches over 14 years. His all-encompassing knowledge and understanding across all the angles of the iGaming sector complements his aptitudes as a young and dynamic leader.

His roles include Co-founder, CEO, and chief editor at GSH Online Media, whose flagship brands are BetBrain and SlotsCalendar. The company’s portfolio of iGaming affiliate brands focuses mostly on the Romanian and UK markets, but also with ever-expanding ambitions of continuous development,

Viorel, aided by our creative staff, has the objective of helping you learn every valuable aspect of gambling, adequately understand the importance of responsible gambling, and offer you top-notch content with informative value.

How Do We Review Casinos?

Our expertise in the field of digital gambling makes us understand how valuable the idea of playing at high-level casinos is. The purpose is to make the most of the cash and time you invest in this activity, so qualitative features are among the must-haves.

Our data-gathering and evaluation procedures work on the basis of meticulous research and the ensuing careful examinations. We look at everything of interest, including how a casino ensures your safety and privacy, but also at how it entertains you. Our methodology looks something of this sort:

The Trust & Security Factor

Your safety is paramount, and our commitment is to ensure we guide you toward those casinos that can guarantee it. Regardless of other advantages that a platform may boast, any security-related risks must be dealbreakers, so any tantalizing elements must take a backseat to safety.

  • Licensing: the displayed commitment to quality by a casino is of the utmost importance, and a gambling license (showcased clearly on its website) from a trustworthy regulatory body can attest to it.

A licensed casino means that the platform is fully legal and committed to following the player protection rules laid out by the regulatory authority. As such, these depend on your home jurisdiction, namely the state you’re playing from.

  • The Authenticity of Games: It’s crucial that a casino provides authentic games on its website.

One thing to look out for is a case you can encounter with unlicensed casinos: these clandestine brands tend to employ replicas of established slots (or other games), duping you into thinking you’re playing games with specific RTPs when, in reality, this metric is much lower than the original game.

To avoid such scenarios, we look closely at the games in a platform’s library to make sure we prioritize the existence of protection and fairness.

  • The Transparency of RTP: Our expert approach ensures that RTP (Return to Player) rates genuinely showcase the payout potential of a casino’s game library, thus legitimizing them.
  • SSL Encryption: Though it’s a mainstay in today’s internet, the Secure Socket Layer encryption tech is still a must-have that protects your data from intrusive actions.

Verifying that a casino website that we add to our list has state-of-the-art SSL encryption is part of the reviewing process – a step that we never skip or ignore. This security protocol is crucial for the safety of your financial and login data, so its existence is of utmost importance.

  • Forum-searching to determine a casino’s history: We always look for player-generated opinions on various discussion forums to see if a casino provides a reliable experience or if it has a history with specific issues.

Since users are those who make the statements we take as data, the connection between our evaluation and your would-be experience can increase the relatability of the information and recommendations we display.

  • KYC Procedure: The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is a requirement of any casino, so we complete the procedure whenever we scrutinize a casino.

Gaining first-hand experience with the KYC procedure can pinpoint a timeframe and the necessary documentation that you may need. Once we gather this data and asses how the security of your documents is, we can draw our own conclusions.

The purpose of these conclusions is to determine what your experience as a prospected user would look like and establish a guide and timeline for the KYC process.

  • The protection of information: As we consider the safeguarding of your data of utmost importance, we always inspect the privacy policy of each operator we review.

Data processing only happens with your consent, which you can give when registering for a specific casino. The casinos we recommend via the reviews we upload on SlotsCalendar will not share your information with third parties without this specific consent.

However, we also recommend checking out the privacy policy of a casino, even if we do so ourselves when scrutinizing a casino.

  • The Generic T&Cs: Fine print evaluation is a key part of our procedure, prompting us to read the terms and conditions carefully when evaluating a specific platform.

The evaluation process has various objectives that aim to determine any unfair treatment that the casino’s terms may subject you to. We search for any important clauses with ambiguous terminology (which may prove deceptive), provisions hidden in stuffy paragraphs, or questionable details that may have a negative impact on your experience.

  • Fund security: Your money must be kept in the uppermost echelon of security, and we inspect the safety aspect to ensure that this is the case specifically.

The casinos gaining our seal of approval are those that make payment gateways available under the most secure conditions, especially via state-of-the-art encryption protocols. Only those following the high standards of the industry and providing reliable payment services will feature on our website.

By employing our rigorous testing and offering you the results of our evaluation, we can aid you in choosing casinos that pose no risk of financial issues, fraudulent behavior, or invasive access.

Responsible Gambling

Your well-being as a customer of a casino must be among the vital priorities of that brand, and facilitating responsible gambling must be one of the measures.

Gaming is, at its core, an entertainment form, and you should treat it as such – the part where responsibility comes in.

Despite the fun factor, the drawbacks of such an activity exist, and the casino must ensure that it provides the necessary assistance when this is the case. A platform with a strong emphasis on responsible gambling must have a set of features that include the following:

  • Tools for Self-Exclusion: The possibility of taking a step back from gambling via self-imposed restriction of access is something we search for in any casino.

In the spirit of fully committing ourselves to the principles of responsible gambling, we perform thorough inspections of the self-exclusion options. Our objective is to determine if they are effective and easily accessible, with the ultimate goal being the facilitation of healthy, responsible gambling behavior.

  • Adequately trained customer support staff: We put ourselves in your shoes by contacting the customer support service and role-playing as troubled gamblers. This process allows us to see if the staff showcases the necessary competence to provide responsive and efficient assistance.

What we’re looking for is properly trained personnel who can handle issues relating to gambling as expertly as possible.

The ensuing response allows us to assess the extent of a casino’s commitment to your health, especially via the offering of resources and assistance that can facilitate responsible gambling.

  • In-house articles we write on this topic: By providing valuable information and expertly written guides, we can empower and promote gambling responsibly in an efficient way.

The main conduit for such an achievement is the redaction of articles that serve as deep dives into multiple perspectives on this subject and its implementation in the industry. Aspects like the core principles of responsible gambling, the insides and outsides of regulations, player protection, and practical tips are among the topics we discuss.

We specifically try to facilitate harmless enjoyment under safe conditions for every user of online gambling services.

Game Collections

By serving as the main attraction to a gambling website, a casino’s game assortment must be of the uppermost level of quality.

The industry-wide expansion spawned an immense number of options in terms of software providers and their game portfolios, and our commitment to recommending excellence wants to make sure you go only for the best possible experience.

Here is what a game collection should include in order to qualify for our high standards:

  • Top games and providers should be available: The present software in a casino’s library distinguishes it, and they can achieve this ideal by employing games from household providers like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt.

The almost universal acknowledgment of these top providers comes thanks to the level of quality they display, illustrated by their proficiency in displaying a mastery of graphic, sound, and animation designs, not to mention innovative gameplay mechanics.

  • Number of total providers and games: In this case, variety comes with higher numbers – a heftier number of games and providers! A wider range of game options is a criterion we always seek in online casinos.

A diversified gaming experience via a wide range of games and providers greatly enriches the entertainment value, especially when it includes uniqueness. The more games you can enjoy in a library, the bigger the chances are you will find something with the features and style that interest you.

It’s likely the case that a casino providing an extensive game collection is doing quite well for itself, as it showcases how its operator dedicates its efforts to bettering the gaming experience of its platform’s users.

  • Game versions with enhanced RTP: An interesting scenario is when a casino opts to take a well-established game and put a unique spin on it: the operators choose to provide the game with an increased RTP percentage, thus enhancing the customer experience!

This case tends to occur when the game has several versions with differing RTPs, with the casino choosing to provide an option with one of the higher RTP values.

  • Offering ‘Play For Free’ Versions: The availability of free demo versions of the games is more of an agreement between the game’s provider and the casino itself. This practice will allow you to enjoy a game’s excitement without having to risk your real cash.

Even if this isn’t the case with every casino (despite the benefits), you always rely on SlotsCalendar to access the free version of any game that attracts your interest.

  • Jackpots: It’s always an exciting prospect to try and go for a huge progressive jackpot that can reward you with tremendous sums of money!

Since the attractiveness of jackpot-enhanced games is a prime drawing point for casinos, you tend to find them on their website’s homepage.

Not only do we recognize the drawing power and excitement of the jackpot feature, but we also acknowledge how popular it is among your fellow players!


Managing your funds seamlessly while in a convenient and reliable system is crucial, and the payment methods are responsible for it. Since we believe in an inclusive experience for players of all levels of familiarity with online gambling, we analyze the payment system of each casino.

We seek to encounter a comprehensive payment system during our analysis and aim to provide you with a complete assessment of this crucial operative aspect.

  • The available payment methods: The best online casinos that seek to provide payment security and convenience often have multiple payment methods.

Such a strategy has multiple benefits, such as smoothening the process and mitigating the risks of issues and limitations, not to mention establishing a reputation of trust that can attract a wider audience.

  • Deposit methods: The transaction that will allow you to start playing is depositing, which should always be fast and smooth; if it’s not, it paints a suspicious picture.

Eliminating any lengthy procedural aspects and unwanted complexities can allow you to enjoy your experience even more, which is essential for fast and convenient gaming.

  • Transactional Fees: Our research methodology aims to ensure that we identify any fees that the casino may perceive for any of the transactions you complete.


To identify these transactional fees, we look closely at the fine print sections like the terms and conditions, examine the payment dimension of each gambling website, and conduct further research by reading the experiences of other users with that casino.

Our ambition is to offer you precise information that is always up-to-date, helping you to make a decision that prioritizes your financial needs.

  • Processing Time: Especially in the case of withdrawal requests, the casino takes its time reviewing and approving transactions. We scope the length of this process in the case of each platform.

Your time matters, so any form of delay is a clear drawback for a casino. Therefore, the brands that provide the fastest processing times and quickest payment methods have an edge over their competition thanks to their efficiency and promptness!

Customer Service

If you’re looking to spend your time at an online casino, there are chances that you may need to contact customer support for various forms of assistance.

Our perception is that casinos should take the necessary measures to satisfy you, their customer, by putting you first via a set of measures such as:

  • Multiple Channels of Communication: We believe that the most efficient customer support systems are those with multiple support channels. This is because we believe that you should have multiple options to choose from when contacting the support staff, thus picking the most convenient option.

Having as many available communication channels as possible, such as live chat, telephone, social media, and email, serves as valuable proof of the platform’s commitment to efficiency in the case of its customer support strategy.

Setting up a system with such care proves that you can receive specialized assistance as quickly as possible, helps you resolve any issues, and proves the casino’s dedication to providing a satisfying gaming experience.

  • Ease of access: Since we consider convenience a clear-cut requirement for qualitative customer support, we test out this service ourselves for a comprehensive assessment based on first-hand experience.
  • Schedule: 24/7 customer support is the schedule of operations we always seek and prioritize.

Our search always aims to identify casinos that offer live chat services, email, and telephone assistance but also include a well-written and genuinely informative FAQ section that would better your customer experience.

  • The Expertise of Customer Support: As part of our testing process, we contact the casino support staff and evaluate how they respond.

The purpose is to determine how fast and efficient their response is and if they have the problem-solving abilities required for such a situation. Additionally, linguistic proficiency in your chosen support language (if available) is another essential requirement for an efficient and truly customer support system.

Promotions & Bonus Offers

A premier method to enhance your gaming enjoyment is to add the boost provided by casino bonuses – a form of incentivization that is almost universally beloved in the gaming community. They are a mainstay at online casinos, meaning that finding them is quite easy.

SlotsCalendar’s quest to improve your gambling experience also includes a continuous search for worthwhile and highly beneficial bonus offers that actually credit the promised rewards.

In the case of the most qualitative casinos on the market, these are the criteria that make platforms more distinguishable:

  • Free bonuses: While some of the costless bonuses may benefit certain player categories, our belief is that everyone should enjoy this type of offer regardless of their status. Consequently, we keep an eye on the way online casinos reward their users with various gifts, bonuses, or even free incentives!
  • Welcome offers: These welcome bonuses enjoy the best rating among the casino offers.

Their main objective is to convince prospected users that their time and money are worth spending in a specific casino. This is a valuable tool in making the casino even more appealing, especially if it’s a qualitative platform that provides the bonus.

The casino will credit the offer’s benefits once you deposit for the first time, thus enhancing the beginning of your gaming experience.

You can enjoy a wide bonus landscape that transcends the welcome offer, with options like free spins and no deposit bonuses being among the most notable.

  • Decent bonus T&C: Each bonus offer comes with its own conditions and benefits that may determine how your gameplay looks. Some bonuses, like the one requiring no deposit, may involve higher wagering requirements.

Another aspect to be mindful of is the expiration date, as some promotions will come with shorter availability than others.

Regarding the bonuses listed on SlotsCalendar, we commit to presenting you with offers with terms and conditions that are always reasonable, facilitating a genuinely beneficial bonus experience.

  • VIP (or Loyalty) programs: Just like the welcome bonus prioritizes new players, VIP and loyalty schemes cater to existing users with their own needs.

A VIP program is a highly important addition to a casino’s offering because it motivates you to return to that platform due to the benefits involved in doing so. If returning to a casino proves valuable, players like you can have a genuine reason to do so.

Platform UX & UI

We strongly believe that your user experience should be seamless and genuinely enjoyable when accessing an online casino, prompting us to scrutinize specific platform aspects. We are referring to how a platform looks, how easy it is to navigate, and how well it performs overall, especially when you need to move efficiently.

Our evaluation’s aim is to offer you enough valuable information that will smoothen your navigation journey when trying one of our recommended casinos. To ensure this scenario, here is what we’re looking for in a casino before deciding if it’s worth listing:

  • Registration process: Convenience and quickness when registering for a casino can have beneficial consequences for a casino’s expansion due to ease of access.

The less complicated and roundabout a registration form is, the more time it saves you. As a result, clear-cut and easy registration procedures gain an edge when attracting new users like you.

The competitive edge of this feature can be highly advantageous in the online casino market, especially in the context of its continuous expansion. Engagement can also benefit from this aspect, especially if a platform’s streamlined design can also retain its newly gained users.

  • How usable a platform is: The best way for an online casino to showcase its professionalism is to provide an interface that is user-friendly and well-designed.

A casino’s appeal can depend on how well you perceive your experience as a platform user, helping the operator retain you as a player, and the interface can be a key contributor to your satisfaction.

Additionally, intuitive navigation can smoothen your gaming experience, especially when access requires no effort and provides ease and convenience. A more universally enjoyable platform means the potential for an expanding player base, which is an undeniable competitive advantage.

  • Cross-platform availability: We test and create our online casino assessment with the idea that you may access that platform from any device.

No matter what device you start playing at the casino from, you should be able to use the entirety of its services with the same level of optimization. A convenient and smooth experience on mobile devices while making no compromises with the game graphics and overall functionalities is definitely an undeniable advantage.

  • Accepted states: It’s important that a casino keeps the wants and needs of the players according to their jurisdiction but also tries to offer broad access.

The state where an online casino operates will influence how the brand functions according to that state’s law, so constructing a platform with a strong core of functionalities that it can later customize can ensure its viability in multiple jurisdictions.

The Casino Platform

Regarding the technical side of online casinos, many operators in the industry tend to go for external solutions and employ ready-made platforms from third parties. This measure is cost-efficient and helps the operator reinvest their saved funds into other features.

There are plenty of specialized platform developers in the industry who can deliver expertly crafted products with numerous features and a sound software foundation, thus making the idea of opting for third-party platforms more than a viable option.

On the other hand, in-house platform development allows greater control over the creative and customization parts of a casino’s operations. It almost guarantees the uniqueness of the experience it provides you, the customer, but it involves a greater level of financial investment.

Apart from the clear differentiation of products, another factor in the decision between in-house or third-party solutions is the maintenance aspect. Internally built platforms also require maintenance, while ready-made platforms often attach maintenance services from the same third-party developer.

Ultimately, deciding between these two strategies has various factors at heart, including available finances, the specialization of the in-house technical personnel, or the prospected response to a platform from the target audience.

What Are Blacklisted Casinos?

Blacklisted casinos are those platforms that don’t manage to meet our expectations and reach the required level of quality. Since our priority is always your security and enjoyment, we ensure that we never promote casinos with underwhelming services.

To that end, we guide ourselves not only on our thorough research but also on the feedback that you, our user, communicate about a casino. When deliberating whether a casino proves unworthy of our user’s time and funds, we take these factors into consideration:

  • Inadequate or misleading licensing
  • Confusing and hard-to-follow terms and conditions
  • A suspicious lack of transparency
  • Unhelpful customer support
  • Ambiguous terms and conditions
  • Extended withdrawal processing timeframes beyond the industry average

Our use of the ratings we associate with the casino we evaluate will reflect the findings during our rigorous analysis while reviewing that brand. If we determine that a casino lacks overall service quality and is unsafe, we will showcase it via our rating system.

Since the casinos we evaluate may provide shifting services throughout their operational cycle, we commit to regularly maintaining and updating our scores based on the present-day services provided by the brand.

As for the ‘Blacklisted’ status, we assign this label to online casinos that either provide deficient services from various points of view or have a proven track record for player neglection, misconduct, or general lack of safety.

You can find an even more detailed showcase of our procedural approach to blacklisting brands, so we invite you to visit our unsafe online casino page.

Rated & Approved Online Casinos

We reach the conclusion of our evaluation process once we’ve thoroughly analyzed and reviewed an online casino, determining its advantages and drawbacks in the process. Only then do we assign a score after we’ve ensured that the aforementioned criteria have been met.

We also maintain a flexible approach to our ratings, as we update our ratings regularly upon receiving or encountering new information through consistent research.

Due to our unrelenting emphasis on an honest and transparent evaluation process, our drawn conclusion on each casino brand aims to determine the brand’s advantages and disadvantages correctly.

Before doing so, we follow our doctrine of presenting you with as much meaningful data as we can, all with the purpose of assisting you.

As transparency is a crucial factor in our editorial philosophy, we strive to shed light on how our procedural approach looks like when reviewing a casino.

Moreover, it’s essential that we mention that SlotsCalendar is an affiliate website, meaning that some of our recommended links are affiliate links.

The meaning of this aspect is that when you make a deposit via one of our provided links and deposit a sum of money, we will receive a commission that will add no extra cost to you, the user.

This dynamic can only influence the product placement on our page, but it has no effect or influence on our evaluation process or our impartiality. We do not stray from our methodological approach to reviewing products, thus ensuring that we maintain commercial independence in our editorial standards.

Additionally, please keep in mind that our page may suffer modifications without us priorly notifying you. This happens strictly because we update our page constantly.

Our ambition is to provide the absolute highest quality level without charging you for our services.

However, we do reserve the right to charge the advertising fees from the online casinos that appear on this platform, the purpose being to sustain our operations.

What we refer to is that we receive payments only when SlotsCalendar users create accounts, deposit, or start playing at one of the casinos listed on our platform.

The fees are not what drives our reviews and ensuing ratings, but they may influence the positioning of these casinos on our platform.

Our policy is to never list casino platforms that we determine as lacking in reliability and trustworthiness, just as we do in the case of casinos whose user feedback is consistently negative, and we follow this policy with uncompromising strictness.

We receive no fees or other compensation from the brands that fail to meet the rigors of our evaluation procedure.

The only online casinos that qualify for priority display are those that meet our strict criteria and meet our standards, allowing us to ensure your convenience and ease of access to high-level platforms with only one click.

We Always Ensure Reviews Are Up-To-Date

Just like you’d expect in such a rapidly expanding market, online casinos try to remain competitive by regularly evolving and adding new features that aim to better your user experience. As a result, some casino review platforms that don’t update their evaluations tend to showcase reviews with obsolete and unhelpful information.

To make sure that we contrast this phenomenon, we do our due diligence and return to our reviews to ensure that we add a consistent flow of new, updated, and thoroughly accurate information.

We commit to helping you stay well-informed consistently, which is why we will notify you whenever changes occur to bonuses or when new games appear on our website.

Any modification that may seem minor but impacts the quality of an online casino catches our attention, as is the case of aspects like bonus terms and conditions.

Whenever you access one of our published reviews, you can trust that it will always contain relevant information that you can rely upon.

Our recommendation is to check our reviews and evaluations on a consistent basis, as we provide updated content that can always come with new information.

We emphasize that you check out the casinos where you already have a membership so you can see if any impactful changes have occurred that can alter your gaming experience and desired enjoyment. Having updated information at your disposal can always facilitate choosing the optimal casino for a maximized level of entertainment.

NOTE: As far as promotions go, please remember that casinos might modify them while offering no prior notice. Since our personnel of dedicated experts aim to remain updated on the availability and terms of the bonus, we advise you to rely on their efforts!

What Differentiates Us from Other Review Sites?

Our belief in SlotsCalendar’s project and its mission is unshakeable, and our passion is unrelenting. The commitment we have to our goal of transforming and raising the standards of the iGaming sector is the primary motivation behind our drive to consistently achieve our objectives and ambitions.

Not only do we transcend the regular, run-of-the-mill attitude to reviewing casinos, but we also provide our complete criteria checklist in a thorough, comparative way.

What differentiates us from others is our unique system of rating, which allows us to offer you a complete and insightful analysis. We showcase an absolute level of transparency in our method of casino evaluations based on thorough research without any compromises.

What you can expect is an extensive level of detail in each of our reviews, so allow us to provide you with a clear comparison that can help you better understand our way of operating:

SlotsCalendar Reviews  Average Casino Reviews
✅We create genuine distinctions with each of our scores 🛑The subjectivity of personal experience can be significant to specific players, which other casino reviews employ in their evaluations
✅By including even the negative aspects, we address all the elements of a comprehensive review and ensure overall coverage 🛑May place a lesser emphasis on the disadvantageous aspects
✅Our evaluation of certain sections allows us to make correct and valid casino comparisons 🛑 Exaggerated statements about casinos for the purpose of generating more clicks and traffic
✅We prioritize objective analysis over subjective experiences 🛑Determining or locating valid and essential information is harder due to the lack of a consistent structure of data
✅We provide extensive evaluations by offering abundant levels of information

How About Finding A New Place To Play At?

You will have a better understanding of the reason why some online casinos receive higher regard than others after finding out more about the craft behind how we review casinos.

We can now invite you to browse our review section and find our evaluations of various online casinos where you can browse and search for an ideal platform.

You can soon start playing your favorite games and get to winning, all in an online casino that is suitable to your style! Are you ready to have your best online gambling experience?